2016 Champions


 Congratulations to 2016 Champions  


First driver overall

Jean-Sébastien Besner

 JSBesner lhfr-2016

Lanark Forest Rally 2016

 Besner Gaudreau-podiumledwodge-2016

Driver: Jean-Sébastien Besner
Co-Driver: Hubert Gaudreau

First driver 2WD overall

Philippe Benoit

 PhilippeBenoit gcfr-2016

Galway Cavendish Forest Rally 2016


Driver: Philippe Benoit
Co-Driver: Maxime Fortin-Gagnon

First driver 4WD Production

Bruno Laverdière

BLaverdiere black-bear-2016

Black Bear Rally 2016


Driver: Bruno Laverdière
Co-Driver: Vincent Trudel

First driver 2WD Production

Mikael Ketchum


Rally of the Tall Pines 2016


Driver: Mikael Ketchum
Co-Driver: Savanna Kovacs 

First Co-Driver overall

Hubert Gaudreau



First Co-Driver 2WD overall

Guy Boudreau


First Co-Driver 4WD production

Patrick Lévesque